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Ask the Ref #2
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Author: The Ref
Here’s our second Ask the Ref feature. Predictably there were some controversial decisions at the weekend and our in-house expert runs the rule over them. There were also a number of questions on other refereeing issues from fellow posters – because of space, some of these will be answered by PM.

Please note, if a question is asked in a thread it may be missed so if you really want an answer, remember to PM CovertCFC direct.

“Good weekend for the Hoops but a bit lucky too. Here are my views on the couple of decisions that might have been an issue.

Tackle on big Jan leading to his injury
This was a legitimate, if fierce, tackle on the big man and it was just unfortunate that he picked up the injury. Even he wasn’t looking for the foul and I don’t think he initially realised he was injured either, just one of those things.

Mick’s hand ball
Follows on nicely from last week’s issue of intent and positioning of the arm. In my view McManus did deliberately play the ball with his arm. From watching the replay, a view the match officials didn’t have obviously, you can see he moved his arm towards the ball and when it hits him his arm is not in its natural position for a player who should be attempting to head the ball. It did take a couple of replays for me to be sure so can’t blame the officials for not picking it up but it was certainly a lucky break. It probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game but we could have been looking at no goal and a yellow for a central defender with an hour to play.

Now a decision that definitely did change the outcome of a game. I’m sure you will all now be aware that a wrong offside flag led to the disallowing of what should have been a goal in the last few minutes of the game. Fair to say as Tims we have had a good weekend as far as decisions go. The poor assistant has been slated by the world and his brother and yes it wasn’t a good call. However, I’ve ran the tape back and whilst the attacker was onside at the point the pass was made if you run the tape on for half a second he is then in an offside position so it wasn’t as bad a call as is being made out.

Walter Smith described it as, “an astonishing decision”. Sorry Walter, last season’s game between your side and Dundee Utd had a few that could be described as astonishing decisions but this was just a bad call, they happen every week in almost every game.

One other incident that caught my eye was in the Killie v Hamilton game. This saw a straight red for a Hamilton player, didn’t catch his name, for a tackle from behind. For sure it was a poor challenge and deserved a card but a straight red? The ref was Crawford Allan, an experienced official, and a man I know who does not get caught up in games so doesn’t make rash decisions. This is more of a worry as I can only assume it’s been a directive to really hammer players for this type of challenge. With next week’s Celtic/Rangers game coming up that’s a bit of a worry if we don’t want to be playing fives!

So a good week for the Hoops as far as calls from officials goes, let’s hope it doesn’t ‘even itself out’ next weekend.
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