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Ask The Ref #3
Report to Moderator Old 03-09-08 10:09 AM
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Author: The Ref
Here's the Ref's report on Sunday's game.

Let me start right off by saying Dougie MacDonald had a good game, I think he got all the major calls right, and we canít be blaming the officials for this result (as I'm sure you all know).

Not unexpectedly the game started at a fair old pace and, having viewed the team selection for THEM, it was obviously going to be a physical encounter.
2 minutes in we had the first issue when Broadfoot pushed McGeady over off the ball, well spotted by the ref and, given the time and nature of the game a warning was about right.

7 minutes and Cousin leads with the elbow. Again spotted and penalised and a warning given.
Minute later and Thomson takes out Naka, free kick and yellow card. Spot on, well late, clearly deliberate, no arguments.

14 minutes Adam and Naka collide in the box with Adam coming away with the ball. No problem with that, both players coming from opposite directions arrived together and the clash was accidental. However, given that Adam spent the rest of the game falling over you have to wonder how he came out of that one with the ball.

21 minutes, Weir handballs in the middle of the park but the ball breaks to McGeady and a good advantage played.

41 & 43 minutes, Maloney flagged offside. First one was a good call not so sure about the second and for some reason Setanta didnít show the replay from the side on view to check.

44 & 45, Adam twice goes down, the second time in the box, on both occasions I believe he dived and Iíd like to have seen a card for the second one where he was obviously trying to con a penalty.

Half time and the biggest surprise is Cousin isnít in the book yet.

47 minutes, foul on Samaras but the ball breaks to McGeady but this time no advantage played. I felt this could have gone on but it was a difficult call to be fair.

56, Cousin finally gets his card for persistent fouling.

62 minutes, Samaras yellow for foul on Bougherra. Wee bit harsh given how little he had done before but it was a poor foul.

67 & 68 minutes. Adam dives yet again and somehow gets his free kick then follows this up with a cynical challenge to prevent a break away attack. Rightly yellowed for this.

74 minutes. Cousin doesnít get the message after his yellow and, just before he is replaced, picks up his second for yet again leading with the elbow. When was the last time he actually finished a game?

75 minutes. Big Jan straight red. When I first saw this I thought thatís a bit harsh but having watched it a few times now you can see why he went. He had a barge and a kick at Broadfoot and I think at that point he might have got away with a yellow but sadly he followed it up by having another go at him. I donít think he left the ref with much choice which is disappointing given his experience in the game.

Iím sure there were other points too, and Iíve certainly made some other notes, but I get caught up in the games too you know Ė so if there is a particular incident that I havenít mentioned and want an opinion on let me know.

Incidentally, well done to the boys with the, ďHereís what you could have wonĒ banner, quality!

As always, please PM your questions to CovertCFC.
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