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Alan Carson - Messageboard Journalism?
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Alan Carson - Messageboard Journalism?

Since the internet has become a new source of news, it was always innevitable that traditional print journalists would turn to this new medium in a search for fresh stories/angles/perspectives.

This is understandable and even to be lauded since it would indicate that they recognise that the net gives voices to people who a decade ago would be unheard.

However, it has also become a lazy way for journalists to lift stories with little or no effort. Hang around a handful of messageboards, see anything vaguely newsworthy (if it's a slow news day then a random bit of photoshopping will do), copy and paste and that's the mortgage paid for another week.

Alan Carson lifted some pictures of Celtic's dressing room from this site and magically turned it into a a two page story. Much of his "journalism" comes from hanging around internet forums - nice work if you can get it.

Of course Alan does use these forums for his leisure time too.

Now to Alan on the FollowFollow forum. Yes, he lifts stories from there too.

Surely though, since Alan visits the site daily, he must have written plenty of stories about the online sectarianism which pervades FF, the bile over the Phil O'Donnel funeral, the Jock Stein slur, the Famine Song (it was in the news, Alan MUST have picked up something about that on his visits), the anti-Irish racism, the wishing death upon Graham Spiers & Gerry McNee, the laughing and joking about the brutal assault on Neil Lennon. No?

No, it seems Alan has gone native.

Liewell? Is this the standard of journalists in this country? Septic? Really Alan, are you five?

And then again, why hasn't Alan reported an online gloat about a murder? Why?


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