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Debunking of Hunnery
Report to Moderator Old 18-11-08 04:40 PM
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Author: Liffeywater
I've read some amount of nonsense over the years on various Rangers websites, especially their favourite, you know the one.. The sectarian hate site that claims to be non-sectarian while polluting nearly every thread with 'Fenian this', 'Taig scum that' and of course one of their favourites 'Tarriers'. All this while decrying the Pope of Rome, Catholic City Council and Blatantly Broadcasting Catholicism. They are obsessed.

This week we've had the usual mock-shock at some jibes made about Karma and Kevin Thompson. Apparently we're all scum, vermin, filth and all the rest of the perma-rage adjectives they can vomit up. These are the same people who repeatedly posted up images and videos of Larsson when he broke his leg, finding the whole thing rib-ticklingly hilarious.

These 'people' actually had the audacity to make up a song about their own Ibrox disaster, claiming Celtic fans were singing it, when it couldn't be further from the truth. This dignity we keep hearing about surely cannot stretch so far as to make up lies about something so tragic in their own history in order to point score over your rival football fans, can it?

Of course it can, look at their lies about Big Jock, a man who helped out on the pitch at the Ibrox disaster himself, a fact which is allowed to be denied on certain websites, to the degree where posting the image is instantly deleted by their admin. You have to laugh at their confusionism, right enough This week they were using the fact their fans observed a minutes silence when Big Jock passed away as proof that Celtic should have held a minutes silence for the war dead, rather than an applause. This may startle you, but in the real world, away from nasty, hate filled on-line smear campaigns, Big Jock remains a Scottish and Celtic legend who commands respect from everyone within the game. Normal people are disgusted at your fans for using child sex abuse to point score over your rivals, and your entire support chanting 'There's only one Gary Glitter' was a new low. But we've already shown that you have no shame in that department with the lies about songs about your own tragedy at the Ibrox Disaster.

Have huns no shame? It would seem not. Most recently they have also prostituted the Poppy in an effort to bring Celtic fans down to their own gutter level. Surely such an important symbol which they claim to harbour nothing but respect for, is beyond their hate? No, you'd be wrong. Once Again. Most reasonable people see the Poppy and Armistice day as a time for reflection, to show their respects for the war dead. Not for these 'people'. No they have to flaunt it. They have to make up more stories about wearing one, much to the antipathy of 'Timmy', who duly is then put in their place by the 'bear'. They write letters of complaint to everyone from Satan to Santa Claus, begging, absolutely begging them to decry Celtic fans for having the audacity to applaud, to show their respects. Yes, at that point, instead of getting on with showing your own respects you write to every MP, and Journalist they can think of and en masse (possibly the wrong word!) with their usual 'bluemail' tactics. It is entirely to their shame that they have been allowed to use the Poppy to become a divisive symbol, in an effort to turn it into a competition about who is grieving more. It demeans the very memory they claim to hold dear, for the inanity of getting another cyberstick they can use to promote their on-line campaigns of hatred.

But it's always the same, with huns. Take the recent controversy over their newest, racist ditty, 'The Famine Song'. They claimed it was banter, hell, even their discredited Rangers Supporters Trust put out an edict to that effect. On websites all over cyberspace these racists claimed that they would continue to chant the song, no matter. Much as they claimed at the time about their other horrible anthem 'The Billy Boys'. Both times there were bold claims... They would take it to the highest court in the land. It would be laughed out of court. The solicitors office junior could win the case, or so we were told.

So what happened?

For a long time, nothing. Which goes to prove that so far as Scotland's Shame goes, most of the media in Scotland would rather lump themselves in with Rangers fans than speak out against the ghastly chant. No, they'd rather drag Scotland's name through the mud, yet again. Show Racism the Red Card (Scotland) were no better. Billy Singh, you have let yourself down as well as the anti-racism cause in Scotland. You know yourself that Silence gives consent, and while holding a season ticket for Ibrox, you stayed silent. Eventually, when you did utter a miserable whimper of recognition that it was racist, it was forced upon you by the intervention of the Irish government and has now been mentioned in the European parliament.

So how do the huns react? Do they phone their lawyer? Or even the lawyers office junior?

No, they capitulate. I would have more respect for them had they made a case, legally, for their 'banter'. But they didn't and for one good reason. They knew it was racist from the outset. They wanted it to be as offensive as possible. Their anti-Irish hatred blinded them to the fact they were highlighting themselves again as 'Scotland's Shame'. To use the vernacular, they shat themselves, to a bear.

So surely their supporters groups would now come out and condemn the song, or defend it? No, you'd be wrong again. The cry was 'Whit aboot Sellic!!!!'. Again trying to drag us down to their gutter, rather than hauling themselves out. With this ostrich like reaction, and again I include the media along with Scotland's shame, they are perpetuating the hunnish behaviour of their fans. It will go on and on, lurching to embarrassment after embarrassment for them. Barcelona (1972) didn't teach them, and all the worlds eyes from then until now, including Manchester (2008) are bearing witness to Scotland's Shame. No wonder Sir Murray cannot find a buyer.

Now, bear in mind the reason, they claim for TFS is that it's banter about Scots born 'Plastic Paddies'. I'm sure that confused the hell out of Noel Hunt when it was aimed at him throughout games against Rangers.

These racists claim that it's because Celtic fans 'go on and on about Ireland' citing songs such as 'The Fields of Athenrye' and 'Let the People Sing' and 'Boys of the Old Brigade' as examples. You couldn't mark their neck with a blowtorch! They actually had a banner; 'Where in Ireland is Glasgow' alongside thousands of 'red hand of Ulster' flags, while singing 'The Sash', 'Derrys Walls', and 'A Fathers Advice'!

They claim TFOA and LTPS are sectarian, again without any real reason, just because they're Irish, and that's enough reason for them to be offended. To them, and those in the media again lining themselves up alongside Scotland's Shame (again!), if it's Irish it's sectarian. The Boys of the Old Brigade is about recognised Irish Patriots and neither sectarian or offensive. Any attempts to claim otherwise are so absurd that the idiots spewing their bile on the net and phone ins should be roundly laughed at for their ignorance, and educated as to the history of the song. Not in Scotland it won't, no, not while our media are complicit in Scotland's Shame.

Now, I have a confession to make. I have intentionally over used the word 'hun' in this article.

Why? Because these racist, sectarian bigots who have gone out of their way to be as offensive as possible, as detailed earlier, actually take great offence to the word 'hun' which they claim to be sectarian. Now this is flawed in oh, so many ways, but we'll stick to a few basics. Maurice Johnstone was a Hun, and Jock Stein was not. Fans from all over Scotland enjoy singing 'Go Home Ya Huns' to you, are you seriously trying to claim all the other clubs in Scotland are Catholic, and Rangers are the only bastion of Protestantism? No, this is yet another attempt to bring Celtic fans (and others) down to your level instead of trying to move into the 21st century all by yourselves. There is no religious motivation in calling you huns. Believe it or not, at Celtic we are proud to have Protestants in our support, our team and our history. Even if you want to take it to another level, Irish Republicans can claim the same. There's a rebel song you might enjoy, why don't you go Google 'You Tube Brave Protestant Men'? You may even surprise yourself and start singing along.

In short, huns try to be offensive as possible, lying about all manner of things in order to do so, but get all sensitive at being called 'huns'. You couldn't make it up.

Let's finish with a little reminder. 1967. We know it still hurts.

Get over it, hun!
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