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My Day At Tommy Burns Funeral
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Author: dixie.
I will start at lunchtime yesterday, I received a phone call from Mince asking me if I would be able to attend TBs funeral as the official representative of celticminded. Without a seconds hesitation he had my answer and i was frantically texting just about everyone in my phone log to tell them my news.

As the day wore on my nerves were under major stress, here was me to enter St Marys church on my own knowing there most likely wouldn't be a soul there that knew me. I hardly slept a wink last night worrying that I wouldn't let myself or celticminded down.

I was to arrive at the church at 11.40, but turned up 10 minutes early just as the players past and present were going in. Feeling like a celeb in my good suit I proudly walked in with Roy Keane by my side (the things that Keano will do to get noticed). I entered the church and was directed to a section just behind the present day players.

Having turned up a good half hour before the mass began, it gave me the chance to look around and take in just what I was amongst. My head was spinning as I noticed the greats from my era, Bonner, Rogan, McGrain, Dalglish, McStay,provan, McAvenie, McgGarvie, Grant, Collins, McGhee, White, Morris, McCluskey and Walker. Then there was the managers Hay, McNeil, O'Neil and Strachan.

Then the coffin carrying TB came in to the congregation singing "Ave Maria".

The mass started and soon it was the turn of big Starky to start the tears flowing among the faithful.

Onto the homily from Monsignor Monaghan, a touching and fitting speech it was. By this stage in the proceedings I was only just holding myself together. How could I be feeling like this, for goodness sake it was only last week I buried my favourite Aunt and never felt this hurt.

Leaving the church I was sandwiched between Jim Jeffries and Billy Brown from kilmarnock, that along with the rangers management team carrying TB in, brought home to me just how much this man was respected and loved by everyone who had the pleasure of having met the man.

Finally I was to bump into someone that I knew (rab2inarow) but by that time I was among hundreds of friends.

Rest In Peace TB.
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