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December 24
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=壁の落書き, from Northern Hemisphere

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Nov 9, 2017
    1. GraffitiOnTheWall
    2. GraffitiOnTheWall
    3. GraffitiOnTheWall
    4. Club67
      Rocket yi are rocket bhoy yi are ;)
    5. delbhoy1
      fuckin roon
    6. GraffitiOnTheWall
    7. GraffitiOnTheWall
    8. GraffitiOnTheWall
    9. GraffitiOnTheWall
    10. GraffitiOnTheWall
      And still they come. 590 :D
    11. Cheeps
    12. GraffitiOnTheWall
      chunt- where is boruc..................ya chunt
    14. Mascot Dec85
      Mascot Dec85
      wanker :mad:
    15. GraffitiOnTheWall
      Aye fuckin right :lol:
    16. Monty
      What a coincidence that was, you tricking posters on to your profile, thank fuck I never fell for that or I would look like a right tit.
    17. Monty
      Hi mate, just think you are a good poster and leaving comments.
    18. GraffitiOnTheWall
      boh67 Capitano44 celticender Doirefad1 Garryowen+ Gnasher jamesiebhoy67 Mrs Winchester Pogue_Mahone ScottishClaret

    19. GraffitiOnTheWall
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    21. GraffitiOnTheWall
    22. Batfink
      sorry :lol:
    23. GraffitiOnTheWall
    24. Mirrorball
    25. GraffitiOnTheWall
    26. Batfink
      creepy alien cunts hoaching on yer profile :lol:
    27. Monty
      Yer absolutely sound as fuck CJ :supercool:
    28. GraffitiOnTheWall
    29. GraffitiOnTheWall
    30. GraffitiOnTheWall
    31. GraffitiOnTheWall
      Choose bigotry. Choose cretinism. Choose knuckledragging. Choose sub-fascism. Choose tugging your forelock to royalty. Choose imperialism in Ireland. Choose 21 attempts at winning the European Cup, and 21 failures--a record. Choose ten European exits in nine seasons. Choose being up to your knees in fenian blood. Choose Walter Smith. Choose to be ugly. Choose to get beat 7-1 by Celtic in a cup final--a record. Choose to be the laughing stock of Europe. Choose to waste 14M quid. Choose a schizoid national identity. Choose not to win the Coronation Cup. Choose not to win the Empire Exhibition Trophy. Choose not to win the European Cup. Choose to be the second team to do nine-in-a-row after Celtic. Choose virulent, bitter anti-Catholicism. Choose funny handshakes, aprons, and rolled-up trouser legs. Choose to look like an eejit in an Orange sash. Choose a lingerie-wearing alcoholic cunt as goalkeeper. Choose to support a bunch of drunk drivers who smash up pubs and kebab shops. Choose gerrymandering. Choose Ian Feargisin. Choose to be liked by nobody and pretend not to care. Choose to be fleeced repeatedly by a rich steel magnate. Choose hubris and a ludicrous master-race mentality. Choose to have your arrogant boasts turned into an annual ritual of national humiliation. Choose to follow, follow a bunch of hacking animals. Choose cheating. Choose your own referees and assistant referees--except in Europe. Choose to have your arse licked by media sycophants. Choose to beat a lambeg drum. Choose Ian Paisley. Choose jobbies in jacuzzis. Choose the National Anthem. Choose thuggery in sundry English cities. Choose to believe that David Murray signs top-class European players. Choose to lose to Berwick Rangers. Choose to lose six goals home AND away in a European Cup semi-final. Choose to disgrace your only Euro trophy by having the police beat the shite out of you. Choose to go 25 years without winning the Scottish Cup, Choose to lose the league by getting beat 4-2 by ten men. Choose William of Orange. Choose the Forces of Darkness. Choose Beelzebub. Choose a muttonchopped bigot as a director. Choose to watch crap football and pretend it's good. Choose self-deception and delusions of grandeur. Choose ignorance of history. Choose a decade of tactical ineptitude in Europe. Choose to support a monument to intolerance. Choose to feel good by swearing at the Pope. Choose to take out your feelings of social inadequacy on Irish immigrants. Choose not to sign Danny McGrain because you think he's a Catholic. Choose to believe David Murray's PR stunts and then pretend they never happened. Choose to think that Ronaldo might sign for you. Choose the ex-Faeroes Islands coach. Choose getting knocked out of three cups before October. Choose Watching the Bill. Choose to not sign John Hartson, and watch as he destroys you. Choose to lose 5 games to Celtic in a season. Choose to be scared of the pope. Choose to be a pathetic, attention-seeking, Mindless, bigoted hunnite.

      Choose Rangers!
    32. Trabb's Bhoy
      Trabb's Bhoy

      Yours is all pimped and shit! Why don't more people come by here?

      It's fucking great!
    33. Trabb's Bhoy
    34. Grossen Schnozzle
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    December 24
    Northern Hemisphere
    International Rock Star
    Favourite Celtic Player:
    Henrik King of Kings Larsson
    Occasionally Blackpool Shamrock
    Roasted / Toasted Cheese:
    Roasted Cheese
    Section Of Celtic Park:
    Anywhere I can get a ticket for

    Erm, watching Celtic