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Sep 26, 2017
Feb 1, 2008
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Jimmy McGrory

No pasarán!

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Sep 26, 2017
    1. ambassador

      Kenn Dodd originally went by the name "Geppetto" but was forced to flee his native Italian village in 1884 after the slurs and innuendo regarding him living with a young boy he had managed to create from wood and give life to became too much to bear.

      He now drives a Transit for a living and his delivery charge starts at just £15.

    2. Hailes
      jam says he's got it nailed mate!
    3. Hailes
      no yet Jim, application in but they'll not say who's getn it offered until about 28th Feb; if yer successful they make the offer and you have to say yes or no within 10 days but its a feckin carry on wi actuarial reductions and shit to work out, thank feck I've got Jamno1 waiting to advise me ;-)
    4. Hailes
      Supposed to be an offer coming out on Monday, so cross everything mate!
    5. Hailes
      'fraid so Jim . . . anurra chance for redundancy coming up in the next month so the retirement dream is still on!
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