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Nov 29, 2005
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Aug 27, 1961 (Age: 58)
Land of the long Green and White cloud
Doctor and Shepherd

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"Ain't no use in praying , that's the way it's sta, 58, from Land of the long Green and White cloud

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Jan 27, 2020 at 3:22 AM
    1. Countess Markievicz
      Countess Markievicz
      ohhhh babe im so upset
      can you delete my 2 last posts
      been so bad doll
    2. Countess Markievicz
      Countess Markievicz
      can you remove my last post plz
    3. Bhoys of 67
      Bhoys of 67
      Happy Birthday to you mate and plenty of them.
    4. edsc11343
      Just thought I would let you know that the cancer I have has been diagnosed as Primary Mucinous Adenescarcinoma of the Skin. My surgeon is satisfied that the scalp is the primary and has not metastasized. It is seemingly an extremely rare form of cancer and while he feels that he has removed the cancer intact he is going to operate again to get more of the periphery tissue as a safeguard, and I will have follow up. He is going to take skin from my shoulder to graft onto my scalp. If I come out of this with a bald patch on my scalp I will be an extremely happy wee bunny. Thank God.

    5. ambassador
      Welcome back buddy.

      Kenn Dodd used to be a Russell & Hobbs toaster but was turned in to a buck-boothed comic by Paul Daniels in 1942.

    6. ambassador
      Come back mate.

    7. Bhoys of 67
      Bhoys of 67
      Doc I was wondering if you could sticky this thread for a short time. You being a Doctor can appreciate what this would mean to this little boy if he could get his new legs. As you can see I put it up last night and again today yet there are no takers. Perhaps if it was stickied and you added a wee word it might get it going. Thank you.
    8. timcam62
      so i have too put up with comments old bhoys brigade is it
    9. timcam62
      am sick of the shit reublicasim joke mate
    10. Elljay_2001
    11. Lubo-o...Lubo-o
      Mate,. I'd like you to delete my Celtic symphony thread - totally taken the wrong way by the board...
    12. Big Kev
      Big Kev
      awrite,m8?how longer does my infraction last?apoligies again.
    13. superhoops1888
    14. Bender
      OT.... Jam..... can you ban me from midnight please till May 10th. Usually get wee mascot to do this... but he isnt on! Exams looming again, cheers
    15. thelighter
      what do you bring to the forum
      nowt i can see
    16. BobbyEvans57
      A man walked into the doctor's, The doctor said 'I haven't seen you in a long time'

      The man replied, 'I know I've been ill'.

      How you doing doc?:D
    17. CharlesPatrick
      Doc, my 15 year old has just been diagnosed with Mono. The wife took him to the doc and she couldn't answer half of my questions. I am going to go in and see him on Monday but can you, hopefully, put my mind at rest on a couple of things.

      Does this stay with you forever? The wife said no but I thought that was the disease that ended Davie Provan's career?

      My second worry is the boy is very promising at football, will he get back to normal as far as fitness? What would the timeframe be on that?

    18. 40watt
      OT, can I pick your brain about something next time your on?
    19. Melbhoy
      Hows it going David are you going to make it over for the game, we will be booking accom. this week
    20. Marygilmartin

      click on HITS name and it throws ye on here....

      whit yees fukkin up tae...??

      i'm tellin everycunt.
    21. timcam62
      greetings from the para medic to the Doc
    22. Cathal
      Dr Otago...I presume:sherlock:

      Sorry:o, I've always wanted to say that:lol:
    23. OtagoTim
      Standing on a ladder would be the worst thing for ankle ligament damage mate.
      Sit with your foot up and raise it 6 inch off the bed and draw crosses and circles both ways in the air with yout toes. When it hurts then rest till it stops.
      Ankle lig injuries take 6 wks min to heal.
      The poster Captain pugwash is a physio and he would know the best excercises mate,good luck
    24. Brendan Buttons
      Brendan Buttons
      doctor yer help!

      last week tripped over on my ankle and heard the rip n crack sound. Anyways off to casulaty and no x ray but they felt the ligamnet on outside of ankle i n 3 lpaces and i wa sin pain. told to res tkepp up in air etc

      i bought a nike ankle support brace with the plastic fins for lateral support but is there any types of exercis ei can do to help make it better.

      job i do is a window cleaner so on my feet alot but not always on ladder. few times per week max
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    Aug 27, 1961 (Age: 58)
    Land of the long Green and White cloud
    Doctor and Shepherd
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