Nov 30, 2005
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    1. ambassador
      Hi There,

      I have recently gone in to business selling customised Dyson Vacuum cleaners. Would you be interested in buying one with the below image on it?

      Please let me know if you would like to have a look before deciding and I will bring the prototype to your house so that you can test drive it. Cost woulf be roughly £350-£500 depending on model and size of Dodd transfer.

      Kind Regards,

    2. CelticIreland
      Could you clear out your pms mate please? I'm trying to send you a pm.

      Hail Hail

    3. Eoin McLove
      Eoin McLove
      My research paper is on Walmart. It is broken down into 12 specific questions, each of them kind of lead into the other!

      I have some questions at the end of it that require your mines just doesnt cut it in terms of Walmart.

      Anyway, if you have a minute or two, could you give me your answer, opinion, whatever to these..

      1) If you could separate the US and international components of Walmart and invest in only one part. which would you choose, and WHY?

      2)What is your prognosis for the company over the next few years.

      I have spoke mainly about the core competencies of the company and how these are linked to cost advantage and stadardization. THe rest is based on international business in general, localization, politics, values, culture etc.

      Any help cwould be greatly appreciated!


      Hail Hail

    4. Neil Jung
      Neil Jung
      Congratulations on your excellent banner Vic.
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